Buy and Sell Notes Announcement

Omega Notes is Transforming

Today we’re announcing that after four years of helping people discover and share great notes, we will be shutting down the Omega Notes Marketplace on April 30, 2019. We’re proud of the community that shared and sold notes on the marketplace, and we’ll continue to support a similar feature through our collaborative learning system.

As our collaborative learning system grew, professors and other educators felt that Notes Marketplace was in conflict with our Course Packs system. The perception was that students may use the Notes Marketplace in lieu of studying course content to cheat in the classroom. While we disagreed, the consensus among our users was to discontinue the Notes Marketplace service while promoting other note sharing technology.

While it’s sad to say goodbye to our Notes Marketplace, we’re eager to put our hearts into expanding our core focus, collaboration, and exploring more ways to use our technology. If you would like to share notes with your classmates, we encourage you to visit the Omega Notes Notebook to share valuable information with other’s in your class. Course Packs and the Notebook can change education in positive ways our Notes Marketplace never would be able to.

Thank you for supporting Omega Notes and contributing to a vibrant community of students and educators.

Course Packs

Through Omega Notes Course Packs, content from any source and publisher can be bundled and sent directly to students. The cloud-based platform provides educators the tools they need to affordably provide learning materials to students all at the lower overall cost when compared to traditional content providers.

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The Notebook is a cloud-based community of learning. Accessible to all Omega Notes users, the Notebook improves classroom engagement and group collaboration by making it easy to discuss, create, and share course content. Students can take notes, ask questions, and study with friends in a distraction free social media atmosphere.

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