Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Student FAQs

Omega Notes discontinued the Notes Marketplace in April of 2019. Visit our official announcement for more information.

Accessing a Course Pack is easy, you can view the process here.

While some of your activity is shared with your professors, you can easily choose to make your notes, responses, and feedback anonymous.

The Notebook is completely free to use for everyone with an Omega Notes account. Collaboration features within the Notebook will become active when your professor starts using Course Packs in your class.

Omega Notes is hosted on Amazon’s secure AWS platform and used 2 factor authentication for account protection.

The Course Pack content will remain accessible for a variable period of time upon the conclusion of a course. This is dependent on licensing agreements with publishers. Your note, however, will continue to be accessible indefinitely.

In order to allow real-time collaboration and advanced analytics reporting, viewing a Course Pack requires access to the internet. You can, however, download the notes that you take in your Notebook.

Professor FAQs

The price of a Course Pack is dependent on the content contained within it. We negotiate with publishers to achieve the best value for professors and students.

There is really no limit to the kind of educational content that can be included within a Course Pack. Content can range from OER material, select textbook chapters, Youtube videos, etc. You can even include full-length texts in a Course Pack!

Depending on the copyright permissions needed, it can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to create a Course Pack.

No. Your content is your content. We do not take ownership of professor or student-generated materials.

Yes. Course Packs are living documents. However, if additional permissions are needed for new materials, an additional course pack may be required.

Use of this platform is FERPA compliant. We never collect information from the university about any students. Rather we display information to professors on who has purchased and engaged with the Course Pack. For more details, please contact your Omega Notes representative.

Usually no. If the content is downloadable, we cannot collect accurate data on behavior and students lose the collaboration features. Permissions are often more expensive if the material is downloadable. However, in unique circumstances, we can allow students to download their materials. Please contact your Omega Notes representative for more details.

Most likely. It depends upon the exact permissions stated by the copyright holder but this usually is not a problem. In fact, we encourage OER content in Course Packs.