At Omega Notes, we have been closely monitoring COVID-19 as it’s swept across the international landscape. We have been in constant contact with our customers, and our employees, to offer support where we can as the number of remote students and educators spikes exponentially.

We commend the growing number of institutions who are allocating whatever resources they can to help contain this contagion. It has been inspiring to see the response and commitment as the entire education community has pooled resources together to make sure no student’s education is negatively impacted by COVID-19. The assembly of freely available resources, such as the Remote Teaching Resources for Business Continuity Google Doc, makes me proud to be part of an international higher education network.

We know that many institutions are still grappling with exactly how maintain education continuity to keep students engaged amidst the spread of this virus, and we promise to do everything in our power to ensure a community of learning is maintained effectively.

As an education technology company, it is our responsibility to maintain the highest possible standards for students, faculty, and administrators in need. We believe that every EdTech company has the social responsibility to provide resources and support during this time of crisis.

Emergency Transition Support

As a courtesy to faculty and administrators looking for immediate solutions, Omega Notes is offering free advanced support to help transition any content and collaboration needs into an online environment. Fortunately, our technology is powered by Amazon’s powerful and secure AWS platform. We’ve already expanded our platform’s capacity in anticipation of the immediate need to ensure a seamless and expedient experience for any new courses.

Support for Current Customer

Omega Notes will continue to address the current and growing needs of our existing customers. Since our founding 5 years ago, Omega Notes has held the quality of our educational experience as our company’s core value; we will continue fulfilling that promise in your time of need. Omega Notes is extending our advanced support offering to any existing customers who need to further expand the footprint of their distance education offerings.

Best Practices for Supporting Remote Education

Omega Notes provides an excellent social learning experience for your institution’s students and educators. This social experience will be in dire need as students and professors accustomed to the inperson network offered in a conventional course are forced to work and learn remotely. Our platform is designed to bridge the communication and collaboration gap by offering the best tools possible to continue conversations around course content outside the classroom.

Omega Notes is committed to doing our part to help the higher education community through this challenging time. With Omega Notes, your institution can continue fulfilling your mission and education vision regardless of where students are learning.

By Matthew Compton-Clark  |  Operations Manager  |  Omega Notes