The sudden transition to distance learning caused by COVID-19 caught students and professors alike off guard. Despite the trials and tribulations, the education community came together and made the best of a very difficult situation. It has been heartwarming to see educators and students alike quickly adapting to the new norm of online lectures while still trying to inject a little bit of fun into an otherwise anxiety provoking situation. To celebrate the enduring resilience of the academic experience, we’ve assembled our favorite moments from social media we’ve found in the best few weeks.

Trying To Teach With Children

I can certainly relate to this challenge as someone with two kids who suddenly became home-schooled after Spring Break. We’re all in this together!

Children Post

Showing Off Your Pets

Don’t let kids steal the entire spotlight! Some professors are eager to show off their pets to students.

Pets Post

Students Having Fun With Backgrounds

A lot of students are experimenting with the background effects in Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. At times these attempts are distracting, but most are in good humor. This student, for example, is still trying to capture that lecture hall vibe!

Student Background

“This Is Fine”

Not be be undone, teachers are having a bit of fun with custom backgrounds too. Pivoting to teaching online quickly isn’t easy. We’re happy to see some professors sharing the challenge with students in a lighthearted way.

This Is Fine Post

It’s Never Too Late To Learn New Tricks

We understand that some professors are a bit more tech savvy than others. Given the timeline, not everyone had the luxury of time to learn how to use web conferencing platforms like Zoom. It’s been wonderful to see the lengths educators have gone to deliver a quality academic experience to their students.

Lecture Post

Students Have A Learning Curve Too

Students are trying to adjust to the sudden online transition as well. Mistakes happen, but that’s okay!

Doodle Post

Watch What You Catch On Camera

We’re not used to having live cameras capturing a little piece of our personal life during online lectures. Don’t forget to double check those coffee cups!

Coffee Post

Let’s Not Get Too Casual

Sure, you can be a little more casual at home when watching a lecture online. Let’s make sure we don’t take that too far. Students are still required to wear shirts to class.

Clothes Post

Keep Learning Fun

Most college students may be digital natives, but they’re anxious about this transition to distance education too. We appreciate the effort professors are putting in to try and keep learning fun during this period of isolation.

Banana Post

Keeping it Physical

Some of us are getting creative with ways to stay fit now that we need to avoid public spaces. I commend the creative effort!

Cycle Post

Thank you to everyone for your positive attitude as we move through the COVID-19 crisis together. Keep up the great work!

By Matthew Compton-Clark