Use Case: Reduce Risk of Accidents

Keep Employees Educated at Risk Points

It’s as easy as scan and learn. 

In this Use Case, Communities are created to house important safety information. QR Codes are placed at high risk areas for employees to scan before completing the task. Scanning a QR Code will take the employee right to the specific Knowledge they need at the risk point. For example, scanning a QR Code on an aerial lift takes the employee to a 2 minute safety video. Analytics show who looked at what and when.

Warehouse Machinery Community

Community Ideas:

  • Warehouse Machinery
  • Safe Loading and Unloading
  • Safety Committee Minutes
  • Trucking

Knowledge Ideas:

  • OSHA Demonstration Video on Safe Forklift Operation
  • Safe Lifting Protocols
  • Safety Committee Agendas and Minutes
  • Checklist for Securing a Load
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