Use Case: Reduce Risk of Accidents

Keep Employees Educated at Risk Points

It’s as easy as scan and learn. Employees stay knowledgable of your company’s safe procedures by scanning a QR code at risk points. They have immediate access to the knowledge they need to be safe and efficient while you have piece of mind knowing that they know the safe way to work.


  • Create Communities of Knowledge around your core business needs: (Ex. Warehouse Machinery, Safe Loading and Unloading, Trucking, etc.)
  • Centralize Safety and Operational “How To’s” in the Communities.
  • Post QR Codes at Risk Points for employees to scan.


  • Share Safety, Maintenance and Operational Knowledge.
  • Employees scan QR codes at Risk Points to gain immediate access to Knowledge.
  • Ex. Scan QR Code on forklift, and watch a 2 minute video before operating.
  • Validate Comprehension through Analytics or Employee Demonstration Videos.
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