Social Learning=Engaged
Learners=Improved Retention

The World’s Leading Collaborative Learning System
Omega Notes Collaborative Learning System CLS, One For All
For Students

We empower students by providing the content they need in the digital medium they want to use. Read textbooks, take notes, ask questions, work with friends, and more on the Omega Platform. Think of it as social media for studying without the distractions.

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For Faculty

Course Packs contain all of a student’s digital course materials in an intuitive system professors enjoy using. All interactions in a Course Pack automatically sync to the Omega Notebook and Omega Insights allowing students and faculty to stay engaged.

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For Administrators

The Omega Platform measures engagement in every class. This powerful Insights engine allows educators to understand where and why students are having trouble with material. Now any institution has the ability to take a proactive approach to education.

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Empower Your Students

Omega Notes’ Collaborative Learning System gives students the ability to use interactive e-Books in their class through our Course Pack system. View course textbooks, web pages, images, news articles, PowerPoint slides, and more all in one convenient location. Students can take notes, draw pictures, search for terms, and highlight important information all within our e-Reader’s interface.

Interactive E-Books, Convenient and Engaging, Empower Students
Why Students Love Omega Notes

“I love being able to work together, it’s awesome. I can easily ask for help anytime. It’s really helped me understand what’s going on in my class.”


“I could really see a difference in how my professor would cover material in his lectures when me and my classmates commented on difficult material.”


“Everything I need for my class is all in one place. I appreciate not having to hunt down expensive textbooks or dig through my notes.”

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Academic Social Media, Free Of Distractions, Free to Use

Inspire Collaboration

The Omega Notes Collaborative Learning System allows for an academic social media experience without all the unneeded distractions. All notes and course material is safe on the cloud for whenever and wherever students need them. Students can share interesting content with classmates and get help with difficult concepts. They never have to be afraid to ask a question with anonymous posting.

Did we mention the Notebook is free to use? Students can create an account today!

LMS Integrations Available For Your Institution

Our Learning Management System (LMS) integrations will eliminate the feeling of platform fatigue by ensuring students and professors can gain access to their Omega Notes content and collaboration in a seamless experience.

Omega Notes LMS Integrations
Bring Your Student Experience Together

Eliminate the silos found in your university’s student and professor experience by combining publisher platforms, discussion boards, analytics, and student life information all into one easy to use platform.

Combine All The Platforms with Omega Notes

Omega Notes’ Philosophy

The past 20 years have seen revolutionary advancements in how we learn, collaborate, and take notes. Unfortunately, most universities have not been able to keep up with the pace of innovation. We’re here to change that. This is why we believe in executing extraordinary product and service experiences that help save money, connect educators, and allow students to pursue their academic dream.


of students prefer learning from modern digital course materials


of students stated price prevented them from buying a textbook


of students who did not buy a textbook felt this impacted their grades

The Omega Notes Platform can help you reach 100% of your students!
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