Know More, Train Less

Maximize the Return on Talent
Collaborative Knowledge Sharing, Member Empowerment

HR leadership’s primary pledge is to maximize the Return on Talent today and tomorrow. But what of yesterday’s talent? What effective processes do you have to help your organization prosper through The Great Resignation? From line-level to C-suite executives, with Omega Notes everyone will reap the benefits from Knowledge Sharing… simply.

Retaining the Knowledge Investment
Faculty, Real Time Student Management, Omega Notes

Companies are about people. Past, present, and future. With Omega Notes, HR leaders can ensure that the thousands of hours of top talent knowledge are retained, regardless of generational workforce trends. Build Communities around topics, share the how-to of positions and keep employees engaged.

Providing Great Employee Experiences

Today’s employee cares about a healthy, balanced, rewarding work life. That’s where Omega Notes outperforms. Build engagement around Benefits and Wellness Programs. Share healthy recipes in a Physical Wellness Community, compete for who has the best yoga poses in an Emotional Wellness Community, and more. Build Communities around what is important to you.

One For All, Centralise Your Organisation Knowledge
Easy To Organise, Easy To Access, Digital Course Pack

Educating So It Sticks

Employees have become deaf, dumb, and blind to the one-size-doesn’t-fit-all HR benefit offerings. Too confusing, too complex, too far in the future… until its not. HR leaders seeking a simple, educational innovation for a multigenerational workforce choose Omega Notes. Increased engagement, retention, and comprehension are hallmarks of the Omega Notes platform. Healthier more knowledgeable employees equals fewer claims, lower premiums, and more productive days.

Knowledge Sharing Without Boundaries

By leveraging the social-esque structure of our solution, Omega Notes keeps teams talking, projects flowing, and knowledge flowing without interruption. From laborers scanning a QR code on machinery and getting a walkthrough video to remote teams sharing ideas of the next product launch, Omega Notes is built for the workflow.

Quick Access to the Content, QR Code Reader, Mobile Friendly
Consolidate Your Knowledge With Omega Notes

Building Knowledge Upon the Past for the Future

Narrow skill gaps as employee knowledge is captured and shared. New employees build upon an existing foundation of knowledge and experience catapulting the company forward with a greater return on their investment. Capture the sage advice on how to process returns or the “why” behind a brand identity and other experiential knowledge from tenured employees and share it with new hires.

Ways to Use Omega Notes

Faster Onboarding

Onboard new hires quickly with the tribal knowledge of the organization.

Deliver Engaging Wellness Programs

Lower your Benefits spend by keeping employees healthy, engaged, and knowledgeable with your wellness programs.

Communicate Benefits

Deliver all Benefits information in one place making it easy for employees to find what they need.

Lower Workers Comp Premiums

Reduce the risk of Workers Compensation claims by keeping employees educated where and when they need it.

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