Engaged Employees + Company Knowledge = Less Risk

Build an Engaging Culture of Safety
QR Code Reader, SOPs Compliance, Easy to Share

Equip employees with the knowledge and know-how right within their workflow to foster an engaged culture of safety in your workplace.

Collaboration & Engagement
Our Culture and Values, Freedom and Inspiration to Thrive

With Omega Notes your employees can easily find the optimum and safest way to complete tasks. Our dynamic and collaborative solution makes it easy for employees to find out what they need to know, ask questions, and share knowledge, making your work environment a safer place.

Prevent Knowledge Walking

Out The Door

The cost of finding and training a replacement is about one third of the employee’s annual earnings. Since Omega Notes is constantly collecting and documenting business know how, unexpected staffing changes do not need to slow you down or cost your organization extra money.

Unexpected Staff Change, Nothing to Worry, Collaborate
Student Focused, Innovative, Affordable

Immediate Access to Knowledge

With Omega Notes, before an employee completes a risky task such as operating heavy machinery or using dangerous tools, they can simply scan a QR code on the equipment and get immediate access to safe operation of the equipment all times right within their workflow thereby reducing your risk of workplace accidents.

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