Engaged Employees + Company Knowledge = Less Risk

Keep Employees Safe at Risk Points

It’s easy. It’s immediate. Simply scan-to-learn.

Omega Notes delivers online knowledge management that connects people with the information they need when they need it.

With our QR code solution, you can warn employees at risk points. One scan and safety procedures, videos, and more are immediately available. Employees stay up-to-date with the knowledge they need to be safe and efficient. You have piece of mind knowing that the latest operational procedures are posted and trackable for compliance and accessibility.

“Socialness” Aids in Employee Safety
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Almost 100% of today’s workers are active on social media and participate in online meetings, and chat services. Our dynamic and collaborative solution makes it easy for employees to find out what they need to know, ask questions, and share knowledge, making your work environment a safer place. Additionally, this “socialness” helps  employees feel comfortable and start sharing within minutes of logging on. Familiarity and ease of use translate to quick uploading of safety and equipment information.

Prevent Knowledge Walking

Out The Door

The cost of finding and training a replacement is about one third of the employee’s annual earnings. Since Omega Notes is constantly collecting and documenting business know how, unexpected staffing changes do not need to slow you down or cost your organization extra money.

Unexpected Staff Change, Nothing to Worry, Collaborate
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Knowledge Sharing Reduces Risk

35% of workplace injuries occur during the first year and a lot of these injuries are because employees lack the knowledge they need. Statistically, employees say they waste over 5 hours weekly waiting for vital information or trying to recreate existing knowledge. Omega Notes is the solution to these knowledge gap issues. Knowledge shared is retained regardless of an employee’s status. At-risk knowledge is always available and accessible.

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