The Best Accidents are

the Ones that Never Happen

Actual Cost of Accidents

A workplace injury claim costs on average $40,000*. Yet, this is only the direct cost. A host of indirect costs, including production delays, wage interruptions, administrative fees, OSHA violations, endless hours of paperwork, and higher insurance premiums push the overall cost significantly higher. According to a Harvard study, every dollar spent on direct costs is accompanied by indirect costs of over $2.12.
That $40,000 claim actually costs more than $120,000!

Prevention Starts With:

The Know-How Employees Need

Everything from highly structured industry guidelines (ex. OSHA) to digital work instructions to employee tribal knowledge delivered as bite-sized and easily understandable. Harness expertise across the organization with subject matter experts sharing “How To’s” in short posts or even videos on how they complete their tasks.

When They Need It

Simply scan a QR code to access knowledge. Frontline workers can easily share their own knowledge, ask questions, and collaborate. The mobile friendly site is designed for distributed teams thereby facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing across teams separated by location/time/shift/etc.

Easy To Organise, Easy To Access, Digital Course Pack

Build a Culture of Safety Awareness

This strategic approach empowers employees to embrace a safety-oriented mindset, to become proactive in identifying hazards and preventing them as an integral part of their daily routines. By utilizing this approach, employees are better able to deal with emergencies and unexpected situations thus minimizing the chance of an accident occurring.

Safety Know-How Throughout the Workflow

With Omega Notes, safety information can be delivered in context of a worker’s job, ensuring that employees receive the specific skills and knowledge needed to handle unique risks. To make safety top-of-mind at all times, the Omega Notes platform is designed to provide workers with up-to-date safety protocols as part of their workflow to ensure they are always aware of the latest guidelines and procedures. Create postable QR codes, visual aids, videos, and “How To”s to reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and equipment damage. Worker compliance is ensured by delivering online mandatory checklists, safety reminders, and verification steps. For example, scanning a QR code to get the step-by-step process for lockout/tagout on machinery.

Quick Access to the Content, QR Code Reader, Mobile Friendly

Easily Standardize Procedures

Ensure employees follow standardized procedures consistently by providing digital step-by-step guidance with clear visuals and multimedia elements. Using Omega Notes, procedures can be updated in real-time and then immediately disseminated to reduce accidents from outdated procedures. Work instructions that provide employees with key quality checks to verify each step can be executed quickly or loop in subject matter experts with questions. With the knowledge-sharing consistency the Omega Notes platform offers, errors or deviations are less likely to occur and a higher-quality output and safer employees will be the result.

Knowledge Specific to Your Organization-From Structured to Unstructured

How your organization does business is unique. Your company knowledge is too. Everything from regulated industry standards to job specific protocols can be delivered in Omega Notes. This holistic approach prevents knowledge gaps and reduces the likelihood of an accident and it’s compounded expenditure.

Warehouse Machinery Community

Greater Safety – Less Time

By delivering safety information directly in the workflow, employees avoid time-consuming manual checks and cross referencing allowing them to focus on their tasks. This streamlining enhances productivity without compromising safety.

Get Started in Minutes

Through Omega Notes Alpha Communities, you can select the resources that are best suited for your needs. Authoritative content sourced from organizations like OSHA and safety thought leaders provide a starting place. Simply choose your Alpha Communities, generate QR codes and place them at risk points throughout your organization. It’s that easy.

One For All, Centralise Your Organisation Knowledge
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