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of faculty support introducing more Ed Tech solutions into the classroom *


of students report that technology increases their engagement in courses *


of students feel that being a part of an online community helps their learning *

You have questions, we have the answers
How can we affordably distribute textbooks and other course materials to students?

Our Course Packs system is a cost effective way to aggregate material from any publisher into one digital environment

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Is there a more effective way to engage our students on a digital platform?*

Omega Notes gives students the ability to learn and study course content in a digital medium they want to use.

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How can we take a proactive approach to education with data analytics?*

With Insights, institutions can measure quantitative and qualitative factors that directly impact academic quality

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Is there an affordable solution to address the shortfalls of our LMS without creating more complexity?*

Our CLS can operate independently or as a cohesive part any LMS, the implementation is easy with our cloud architecture’

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How can we maintain academic freedom while pursuing content partnerships with publishers?

With Course Packs, bring content from any source into one cohesive learning experience giving faculty more choice

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Is there any easy way to make sure students are working together and collaborating?

As students are consuming material within our CLS they can intuitively share notes and ask questions

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How can we introduce more online and blended learning while still meeting financial goals?*

We are perfectly optimized for blended learning plus our enterprise pricing structure is competitive and flexible

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How can we continue to improve instructional and learning experience design?*

Research has shown that faculty and students want more effective digital learning solutions in the classroom

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Is there any easy way to institute new methods of learning assessments?*

Our patent pending assessment system gives educators insights into student comprehension as they’re learning

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*Learn More about the 2019 key issues in teaching and learning from EDUCAUSE.

Evidence and Research

The Omega Notes Collaborative Learning System is designed around the research and principles of Next Generation Digital Learning Environments (NGDLE). Inherent in our product is a cloud-based ecosystem which focuses on universal design, advanced analytics, collaboration, customization, and interoperability.

NGDLE aims to push beyond the limits of current Learning Management Systems, encompassing a system of learning applications, tools, and resources to create a fully developed ecosystem of learning. It incorporates the newest education technology and teaching methods to deliver the most effective learning environment. While a Collaborative Learning System cannot completely replace an LMS, it does augment the capabilities to provide your existing infrastructure NGDLE features not possible with any other solution.

Student Around Omega Notes

The Next Generation of Learning Platforms

A Collaborative Learning System is an essential tool to introduce modern education approaches like Blended Learning into the classroom. Blended Learning is broadly defined as the middle ground in the spectrum between fully face-to-face and fully online instruction, which support the core values of NGDLE. Blended learning environments are becoming preferred among both students and teachers in the 21st century. In student and faculty studies conducted by the 2017 EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR):

79% of students

prefer to learn in an online or blended environment

71% of faculty members

prefer teaching in an online or blended environment

Most students are dissatisfied with the lack of key features in their institutions LMS

Students want to see more functionality in an LMS for study groups

Solution: Our powerful insights engine intuitively creates study groups for students as they’re learning

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Students do not feel collaboration in their university’s LMS is effective

Solution: The Omega Course Pack and Notebook platforms focus on fundamentally improving student and faculty collaboration

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Students wish that their university’s LMS were more engaging

Solution: The Omega Notebook was designed to bring the engaging elements of social media sites into a constructive academic environment

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According to an NGDLE study by EDUCAUSE.

The Omega Notes Collaborative Learning System was built upon the principles of research backed NGDLE platforms which can affordably address the shortfalls of existing LMS and CMS platforms while redefining what is possible in a Blended Learning or online environment.

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