As development of comprehensive data analytics, machine learning, and AI continues to move forward, people’s standards of life improve as it allows us to make better decisions by observing past results. For example, Prognos can help patients by predicting and eliminating diseases while utilizing artificial intelligence, credit card company’s intelligent system can save consumers money by detecting fraudulent transactions, and Tesla’s automatic driving system can save lives by reducing the chance of automobile accident rate through AI intervention. The Omega Notes platform brings the benefits of an analytics platform into the classroom resulting in a more effective academic experience. Even though analytics systems may feel distant and confusing, the research shows that using big data to innovate education improves student outcomes.

When new analytics systems are implemented at institutions, professors have the tools to be more proactive with students and enhance their learning experience. We all know students and educators are juggling the academic responsibilities of assignments, homework, quizzes, and exams. As such, it can be difficult to monitor where and why students may be struggling or disengaged. When an analytics system is implemented, an environment can be created where everyone can optimize their time in and outside of the classroom by focusing on content students are struggling with.

There are several ways analytics systems can be utilized to improve the learning process. For instance, they can suggest what material an instructor may need to cover in class based on student comprehension. Or, a student matching algorithm could even recommend study partners or tutors by matching students with each other based on assessment results.

At Omega Notes, we believe that all students deserve to have access to resources that will enhance their learning experience and prepare them for the real world. Omega Notes provides students, faculty, and administrators with a robust, cloud-based Collaborative Learning System (CLS) with tools that enable them to gather and assess data relevant to the learning process. Faculty members can create interactive eBooks using Course Packs, which allow them to fully customize the material for their students to use. In these eBooks, professors can monitor student progress and study time. Using these analytics, professors can see trends in their students’ study habits and determine how they reflect in their performance on assignments and exams. If students aren’t spending enough time reviewing specific sections of the course material, professors can notify them to take necessary actions, such as looking over notes on those sections or finding an appropriate study partner. Course Packs allow professors to have flexibility in the way they teach and the way their students learn.

Omega Notes aims to provide institutions with essential analytic resources so they can take the next step in evolving our education systems. To learn more about our services, please visit our website at or contact us at

By Junwon Choi and Jeffrey Chin